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Do not fear mistakes, you will know failure, continue to reach out.-Ben Franklin

“My big feeling was I just missed it, I missed the whole thing. It had happened in the ’80s, and I got here too late. But then, I’m maybe the most optimistic person I know. I mean, I’m incredibly optimistic. I’m optimistic arguably to a fault, especially in terms of new ideas.”

Thank You For My Freedom | The National WWII Museum | New Orleans

We are trying to get 1M people to record a short video and say why they are thankful for their freedom by Veterans Day.  Hope you can participate and forward the link to other people that remember the sacrifice previous generations (and the current one) have made for us.


Today’s Batman wisdom

ha.  used to love batman when I was a kid.  never missed it.  it’s one of the reasons I love the name of the company I invested in, KapowEvents

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Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out


Joe Jackson Steppin’ Out

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Nice sound from Canada

“Pritzker said the need for capital here is so great, new investors would fill in the gaps rather than compete with his firm, Pritzker Group Venture Capital. He said he would welcome investments that could fuel more exits here.”


Yup.  And you need actual boots on the ground to find them.  Can’t be passive when it comes to Midwestern investing.



Southern | Cool Kid

Some sweet indie for your Saturday, cool kids.

This is a nice tune

Fox’s Shepard Smith Blasts Media For “Hysterical,” “Irresponsible” Ebola…

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Big game in Oxford this weekend. My daughter was out all night last night with Shepard Smith of Fox.  Tennessee and LSU are hated rivals.  They take their football seriously in the south.  Here is a song from 1969 about Archie Manning.  Speed limit on Ole Miss campus is 18 mph.  Archie’s jersey number.

Susan Mravca to speak at QuickBooks Connect | PRLog

If you read Ben Horowitz book, “The Hard Thing About Hard Things”, hopefully you learned that employee feedback is tremendously important.  It’s also very tough to figure out how to give.  JuvodHR fixes that.  I have recommended it to all the startups I am invested in.  Pretty slick software that accomplishes a lot.