Points And Figures

Do not fear mistakes, you will know failure, continue to reach out.-Ben Franklin

Would you donate ten bucks on a Kickstarter to see a film made?
Joel Salatin. Read his book
Apricot stuffed with burrata


Go for the heavy metal, stay for the burger?

Real Food Blends Announces Its Blenderized Tube-Feeding Meals Now Available Through Medline

These guys are solving a real problem for people with real food.  I like it.


The farm movement is hot, but the government is trying to stamp it out with regulation and bad policy.  I don’t think it gets defeated in the long run, people want to eat.

“The acid test here is not the staying power of the term, but the behavior. Not wellness as a category but people and how they want to interact and consume generally.”



A lot to unpack and think about in this blogpost.  But I agree, it’s a massive sea change, not a trend.

“Before this day is done, a highly educated, full-time professional woman will shut the lights and close the door to her office, turn in her ID and walk away from a promising career. It is a bitter-sweet departure but an exciting new opportunity awaits—the chance to be managing partner of the ultimate start-up venture, motherhood.

All the exit signs are clearly marked on the path from office to nursery. Less obvious is the way back.



This is a very worthwhile research project.  If you opted out for the kids, tell your story here.  If you know of someone that did, send them the link.

pretty cool song, reminds me of some old David Bowie just a little bit.