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Do not fear mistakes, you will know failure, continue to reach out.-Ben Franklin

In honor of Gameday coming to Oxford, here's a guide to the Grove and Ole Miss Tailgating! • /r/CFB

I will be in the Grove Friday (after office hours and judging an entrepreneurial contest), and Saturday.  Unbelievable college tailgate you should see once in your life.  Go Rebels, Beat Bama.  

CATTEC VII Technology Showcase Application

If you are a startup company that has formed an LLC or C Corp, and you are affiliated with a college or university; apply to pitch to angels and VC’s in Chicago 

Office Hours at Ole Miss

My daughter is a senior there and we are going to the Ole Miss v Alabama game-so why not? They have a new entrepreneurship program there and I did a Skype with them. If you want to Skype in and support them I am sure they can make it happen for you too.

“In the Salem witch trials, the best defense against being called a witch was to call someone else a witch.”

Which Pig is The Entrepreneur?

catchy little tune

“Apple Pay optimizes for how the world does work. The real winner in payments will build for how the world should work.”


Tim on payments, but applicable to any existing behavior going digital. (via brycedotvc)

good article.  frictionless payments is what people want.

“The B2B space is rife with potential; by integrating new technologies into traditional businesses, entrepreneurs can dramatically improve efficiencies, uncover new markets, solve longstanding problems and, in some cases, disrupt entire industries. Indeed, an increasing number of B2B startups are experiencing rapid growth while achieving enviable profit margins.”

Eric Holder Takes $77 Million Job With JPMorgan Chase

Want to get the money out of politics? This is a parody article-but real enough that it’s not far fetched.  Except the enormous salary.

We need to tax people that work in govt and revolve to the private sector and back again higher than other workers.  They use their govt connections to reap huge rewards for themselves.  David Plouffe and Facebook come to mind.  But banking, ag, and other industries all have the same revolving door.  And then there are retired or elected officials that lose—they walk to K Street and earn big money using their connections.  It’s a perverse economic incentive.